In The Press: Bôhten FT in ShopVision New Supplier Spotlight - Bôhten Eyewear

In The Press: Bôhten FT in ShopVision New Supplier Spotlight

Vision Expo, one of the top events for ophthalmic professionals in North America, has expanded their online presence through their platform ShopVISION and Bôhten has been featured in their new supplier spotlight. ShopVISION is a dedicated platform for eyewear retailers where you can “...source products, build relationships with suppliers and manage all of your product discovery and research needs.”

The team at ShopVISION sat down with the Bôhten brothers Nana Boateng and Nana Kojo to get more insight into the company.

The brothers shared how Bôhten got started, the inspiration behind the designs, core principles of the brand and so much more. When asked why customers love Bôhten eyewear, they shared a few reasons, one of them being “...they have worked with manufacturers to create a new silhouette that caters to ethnographic features. This means there are options of sunglasses that suit a variety of face shapes, widths, nose profiles, skin tones, and personalities. We obsess over these details and it speaks to our customers.”

Bôhten also shared a bit of insight into the plans for 2023 which includes celebrating our 10 year anniversary as well as releasing our first women’s line next year. 

Thank you ShopVISION for featuring Bôhten in your new supplier spotlight. We are thrilled to connect with the ophthalmic community and look forward to meeting in person at the next Vision Expo in 2023!

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