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Live from the Hub: Bohten Welcomes Global Gyal

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Even though we are still a small company (hopefully for not much longer), 2021 had some key moments for us, especially when it came to expanding our content team in Accra, Ghana. Our goal is to continue to produce and showcase quality frames in settings we see you in everyday - fashion, lifestyle, adventure and travel. We feel one of our newest team members will continue to help us do just that. 

Global Gyal in Bohten frames at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

One of our most recent additions to our Accra team is a Travel Vlogger called Global Gyal. Born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 in the Caribbean, Alyssa Derrick, (aka Global Gyal), comes from a colorful, dynamic region that has been 100% infused into her personality.

Through her YouTube channel and blog, Alyssa shares her unique perspective about a Caribbean girl who travels the world. She’s been creating travel content on her channel for almost two years, and recently moved to Ghana, her 3rd out of 5 countries she’s decided to live in around the world.

Alyssa in Bohten frames in 2016

Alyssa has been around since Bohten's infancy stages, as she was a part of our first batch of customers. Throughout the years she has continued to show her support of Bohten by purchasing and taking her frames on her Global Gyal journey across the globe.

Bohten frames in Sydney, Australia!

As our newest content strategist, Alyssa works along with the Accra content team to create visuals that speak to you, our Bohten supporters, through fashion, travel, lifestyle, adventure and so much more. 

Even though she’s been on the team for a short period, Global Gyal has been thoroughly enjoying her time at Bohten. She claims, “The work environment is one of the best places I've ever worked in - My co-workers are extremely talented individuals that are all passionate about their creative work and the brand. It’s a pleasure working in this environment as it challenges me with my own creative skills but also allows me to bring my Antiguan and Caribbean energy into the mix that is Bohten”.

 Curious to see what Global Gyal's new life is like here in Ghana?
Check out one of her Ghana Vlogs below!

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Fantastic news to see how Global Gyal landed a job she thoroughly enjoys! A great asset to the brand and Allyssa just being herself will make waves. Caribbean and Ghana connect!

Raydy Pigott

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