Live from the Hub: Meet Luther Boadu Asomani - Bôhten Eyewear

Live from the Hub: Meet Luther Boadu Asomani

Live from the Hub is a monthly feature highlighting one of Bôhten’s leading team members. Learn more about Bôhten and our process here – and be sure to check back often to learn more about our fun staff, our creative process and what’s in store for us!

With the the holiday season officially in full swing, we want to introduce our team member who ensures the smooth delivery of our Bôhten gifts to you all year round.

Meet Luther Boadu Asomani

HIs name is Luther Boadu Asomani and he is the Logistics & Customer Experience Manager at Bôhten Eyewear. Luther has been a part of Bôhten since April 2021. His journey started from the University of Ghana Business School where he read Accounting. He graduated in 2017 and right after Luther started his National service at Eddie Niiko Accounting Consultancy in Ghana. He served for 15 months as an audit trainee. He indicates the main reason for going was to gain audit (compliance and control) experience. He has always had a desire to gate keep, control and regulate systems and operations.

Luther would go on to gain his first formal employment at Dalex Finance and Leasing Company Ltd in Ghana for the next three years. He was employed as a compliance officer in the role of a Third Party Reference officer and was basically in charge of signing off on any loan disbursement. He describes it as a high pressure job with zero margin for error. His tenure at Dalex refined his analytical and due professional care skills.

Luther states these experiences helped him to settle conveniently into the role of Bôhten's Logistics & Customer Experience Manager.

1) What's a typical day like for you at Bôhten?

My typical day at Bôhten starts slowly in the morning and peaks in around mid-day and evening. By that time North America is awake and open for business. That’s the time to ensure that orders that came in the night before or in the morning are fulfilled. There’s a lot back and forth with the team warehouse (where almost all the non-prescription orders are fulfilled). Most of the time it’s more of a supervisory check, to ensure that they stay on top of things and not let any instruction fall through the cracks.

…and Oh, it comes with a lot of calls – on the phone and virtual meetings. Most times, to colleagues I am working on a particular project with or with our parties within our external environment.

I end the day with routine checks just to ensure that every task for the day is completed. 

2) What makes working at Bôhten different from other places you've worked?

I think the major difference is that at Bôhten, there is room for initiative. You are constantly given room and opportunity to bring on board new ideas. I remember during my induction into the Bôhten family, Nana Boateng and Daniel reiterated the same point- thus, “Make your role your own by customizing it to be a reflection of your vision and ideas.” And it was not just all talk.

Another is that at Bôhten, there’s a clear strategy/plan for growth. You are challenged to grow within the company- and it is fast paced.  For instance, the cross-departmental collaborations. It exposes you to the tasks and day-to-day activities of the other departments. This strategy emboldens you to pick up more roles and responsibilities. It makes you very flexible and a great resource for the company. 

3) What is the most challenging part of your job at Bôhten?

The challenge is also what excites me about working at Bohten. I like the spontaneity associated with my job. Most times I am caught up in 3 or more projects (with short deadlines) simultaneously besides customer enquiries. The most challenging part is coordinating with the warehouse on how specific orders are to go out and constantly checking in to see how it is progressing. It is fun though but when you have the demands of customers weighing heavily on your shoulders, you know fun time is over.

4) What are your favorite pair of Bôhten frames and why?

My favorite is the Jade smoke - It is durable and blends well with every colour. Even though the smoke is out of stock, our cherished customers can check out the other Jade styles - Lemon, Sky and Tortoise. It’s one of our best-selling styles.

 5) What cool projects are you working on next?

The next project will be on complying with the new logistics requirements for Nordstrom vendors. It is a radio frequency identification. This is more environmentally friendly than the previous tags that were used. It is in line with our core values as a business and I am excited with this new challenge. 

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