Live From the Hub: Meet Elorm Amankwa - Bôhten Eyewear

Live From the Hub: Meet Elorm Amankwa

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Elorm Amankwa is a Retail Account Support Specialist who has been with Bôhten since March 2021. She is a creative business consultant with a background in developing fashion brands. After her degree in finance, Elorm worked in a business incubator in Accra, developing startup companies. From there, she earned her marketing MBA from Drexel University while working in operations for a fashion company in New York. In 2016, Elorm launched Style Summit Africa, a blog dedicated to sharing the stories of fashion entrepreneurs of African descent. This led her to being invited by British Council, Zimbabwe to share a presentation on ideal fashion business models.

Upon returning to Ghana, she worked with Ethical Apparel Africa, where she helped secure international orders for West African clothing factories. In 2019, Elorm worked with the African Fashion Foundation where she developed programs to give African brands international exposure.

Learn more about Elorm’s experience at Bôhten below!


1) What's a typical day like for you at Bôhten?

My days are typically a blend of two things: Following up on the many details involved in onboarding a new retail vendor, and creating new documents and ideas to attract sales / new retail partnerships. So you may find me working with our in-house content team to update our lookbooks at one moment and find me looking up and reaching out to potential retail partners the next. 


2) What makes working at Bôhten different from other places you've worked?

My job is the best of both worlds. I get to participate in some creative roles/decision making related to product photography and branding but still do the behind-the scenes work which I love, like organizing inventory and excel sheets like the true OCD geek I am. I also love that my role allows me to work with different parts of the company: from manufacturers to sales reps to the CEO to our product design team to graphic designers and everyone in between.


3) What about the Bôhten brand/style sticks out to you most?

There is something for everyone at Bôhten. No matter your style or even your facial features you will find something that speaks to you in one of our collections. Bôhten, to me, is a brand for everyone.


4) What are your favorite pair of Bôhten frames and why?

My favourite pair are easily the Jades! I like that they are understated but still stand out a bit with the subtle wooden accents.


5) What cool projects are you working on next?

Working on onboarding a couple of new major department stores to carry our product. Fingers crossed!


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