Live from the Hub: BTS Bôhten's Duru Family Photoshoot in Toronto - Bôhten Eyewear

Live from the Hub: BTS Bôhten's Duru Family Photoshoot in Toronto

Let’s go behind the scenes!

Bôhten’s all Acetate frames from the Duru Family were the first of its kind for the company. A brand known for releasing only wooden frames was now jumping into using a new material. This however opened so many doors for us including that of introducing color into our range of frames. It also meant we had to do a new photoshoot to capture them.

Join us in our one on one with the Creative Producer of the shoot, Oku Tetteh, to learn more on the photoshoot on our Duru Family frames to include the all Acetate and Achebe Ututu frames how it went down.

What was the vision behind this shoot? What look or aesthetic were you going for and why?

"The goal of the shoot was to showcase Bôhten's new range of inclusive + colorful frames to retailers. In line with this, we opted for a pared-back commercial approach that highlighted the frames' key features."

For the shoot, Bôhten selected two models to don the frames and add their own flair and style to the setting. Tetteh says, "For the models, we were primarily looking for faces with striking features that would own the glasses. Another consideration was to showcase the frames on contrasting skin tones in order to illustrate their versatility." Both models effortlessly executed their role don't you think?The photo shoot took place in Toronto, Canada, better known as 'The 6' by Torontonians such as Drake and many others. The city is also where Bôhten has its base in North America. The Creative Producer highlighted it was easier to host the shoot in the city for logistical purposes. He says, "Toronto made sense because that's where the photographer and most of the creative team is based."The entire creative team worked hard in the months leading up to the shoot to execute the assets for our new Duru Family frames and it did not disappoint. The team members worked well together and enjoyed themselves on the set. A special thank you to the entire team that came together to make this shoot the success it was!

Photographer - @anaisolopoku
Creative Producer - @okutetteh
Models - @sarah_piath + @italblizz from @angiesmodels 
Stylist - @styledbyizsy
Makeup artist - @bella.artistry_
Lighting - @sabrina.spilotro 

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