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Look Your Best by Matching Your Eyeglass Frame To the Shape of Your Face

Some eyeglass frames look amazing on you. Some not so much. Bohten makes it easy to find the right eyeglass frames: ones that enhance the shape of your face. Common face shapes include round, oval, square, diamond, and heart-shaped. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at which frames to get and which ones to avoid depending on the shape of your face.

  • Round face. Get square/rectangular frames that counterbalance round features and give your face a long, slim appearance because these frames tend to be wider than the face. Avoid small, round, or rimless frames as they exaggerate the face’s roundness.
  • Oval face. Get frames that have a strong bridge and that are just a bit wider than your face. The geometry of these frames lends your face a structured appearance. Avoid frames that cover more than half your face as they interfere with your face’s oval symmetry.

  • Square face. Get round or oval frames that counter your face’s angularity. Give preference to frames that rest high on the bridge of your nose. Avoid boxy frames that exaggerate your angular features.

  • Diamond face. Get oval or cat-eye frames that accentuate your delicate features, broad cheekbone, and narrow forehead. Avoid boxy frames that call attention to rather than complement your narrow features.


  • Heart-shaped face. Get frames with bottom-heavy frame lines and low-set temples that balance your forehead’s width and broaden the narrower parts of your face. Round or round-squared frames are a good option. Avoid frames with bold shapes and colors as they tend to call attention to the forehead.

All in all, look for balance. The right frames enhance your face’s symmetry by contrasting its contours and prominent features. Bohten’s collection features eyeglass frames in several shapes and colors. Visit our store and find one that fits your facial structure and your skin tone.

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