New Partner Spotlight: Proper Fashions Boutique - Black Female owned business in Oakland, California - Bôhten Eyewear

New Partner Spotlight: Proper Fashions Boutique - Black Female owned business in Oakland, California

From large retail stores to small pop up shops, Bôhten is always elated to partner with a new brand or company. The fact that one of our newest retail partners has been a cornerstone of the Oakland community for over 30 years and is a small, black female owned store brings us so much joy. During this International Women's month, we are excited to introduce to you our newest retail partner - Proper Fashions Boutique

Owner, entrepreneur and fashion expert, Bridget Cain

Proper Fashions Boutique is owned and operated by Bridget Cain, an entrepreneur and fashion maven who first opened her doors to the public in 1991. Her store, which has a brick and mortar location in Oakland as well as an online platform, offers “...designer fashions for today’s contemporary woman.” Sassy, sexy and unique styles from sizes small to 3X are what you can find as Proper Fashions Boutique caters to your taste and budget.

Bridget brings her love and knowledge of fashion, along with her love of seeing women shine, to her boutique’s wardrobe as she carefully curates what she offers in her store. From unique jeans, dresses, comfortable casual clothing, accessories and statement T-shirts, her store has it all. “It makes my day when a customer tries something out and it brightens their day,” Cain said in her interview with The Oaklandside online platform. 

Cain has weathered through many storms, adapting to changing times when necessary to ensure her boutique continued to thrive for over 30 years. This is no easy feat, as she indicated in her Oaklandside interview the difficulty in pivoting to build out her online platform during covid. However, her tenacity, eye for fashion and consistently satisfied customers prevail each time to keep this small, black, female owned fashion boutique prosperous year after year.

Bôhten is proud and thrilled to officially be stocked in Proper Fashions Boutique, our first retail store in California, USA. You can find some of our best sellers from our newest all wood and all acetate Duru Collection such as our Manyara and Barklae 3’s, as well as a few other styles at this exceptional boutique. The Duru Collection frames were designed in Accra, Ghana and are specifically designed to fit the faces of black people more comfortably. 

Help us celebrate this occasion by previewing Proper Fashions Boutique’s website to see all the women’s fashion and accessories they provide. Remember to follow both Bôhten and Proper Fashions Boutique on all socials and if you’re in Oakland, check out what they have in store today!


*All Photo credits belong to their respective owners. Photos were sourced from Proper Fashions Boutique's website and social media platforms. Bôhten does not own the right to any photos used above*

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