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The best Sunglasses for your carnival costume

Are you going to be jumping with a band and playing mas this summer season? Carnivals are happening in St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Antigua & Barbuda and Barbados as well as Caribana in Toronto or Notting hill carnival in London. There are so many for you to choose from! Now, whether it is your first time or you’re a veteran on the road, we all know you will be jamming in the hot sun all day. You need stylish yet durable sunglasses that match your costume and vibrant energy but protect still your eyes. We got you covered. 

We compiled a list of our favorite pairs of Bôhten frames that add that extra umph to your costume yet still make sure your eyes are protected throughout the day. From polarized and UV400 protection frames to an array of colors that match your outfit, we’ve got it all.

Wakanda Forever Moto & Insane Carnival “Riddims” costume: Flames (Antigua & Barbuda)


A tribute to the legendary band Burning Flames, Insane Carnival in Antigua and Barbuda has created this wonderful red masterpiece entitled “Flames”. While adorned in red and gold jewels and feathers from your costume, our Wakanda Forever Moto frames are the PERFECT addition to top off the look. Its sleek design with gold stainless steel and red tint provide you with UV 400 protection and a look that can’t be beat. You can also pair these frames with ANY red or orange costumes in any of the Caribbean festivals!

Barklae ||| Rose Sun & Fuzion Mas costume: Como La Flor (St Lucia)


St Lucia’s Fuzion Mas band captures the beautiful essence of flowers in their stunning costume Como La Flor. Designed by, the large back piece with its vibrant flowers and colors will bring a dazzling garden feel to the road. We also cannot help but think she drew inspiration from revered Mexican artist Frida Kahlo to pull this gem of a costume together. Pair this or any costume with a pink or floral base with our Barklae ||| Rose sun frames. Their color, bold design and durability are the perfect match for your costume on the road.


Manyara Marmalade Sun & Saldenah’s costume: Alter Ego (Toronto)


Caribana in Toronto is just around the corner and Saldenah mas band is ready for the road! With 5 of their costume sections already sold out you know it will be a time. Saldenah’s costume entitled Alter Ego is a royal combination of blue, chains, jewels and accented feathers that bring this costume to life. The Manyara Marmalade is just the right pair of sunglasses to go with this it as they are both bold, elegant and fierce. The Manyara Marmalade will add to many other costumes that have a blue, green or yellow base to name a few.


Abana Ebony Sun & United Colors of Mas “Aves - Birds of the Tropics” costume: Golden Pheasant (London)


Notting Hill Carnival is one of the most anticipated Caribbean festivals in all of Europe. United Colors of Mas (UCOM) has been a part of bringing the utmost vibes to the festival as it’s been on the road for over 15 years. This year, UCOM’s theme is “Aves - Birds of the Tropics” and our costume pick is the Golden Pheasant. The costume’s design is laden with colors that resemble the bird, with its base having neutral toned colors accented with blue and yellow. The combination is divine and brings out the natural beauty of anyone who wears it. Bôhten’s Abana Ebony polarized frames pair wonderfully with this costume and any other that are made with neutral colors. You are sure to stun the crowd with the UCOM and Bôhten combination when you strike a pose for the cameras. 


Bôhten has many other selections and styles that you can browse for all your carnival needs. Whether you are playing in a band or watching on the sides, Bôhten has got you and your eyes covered this carnival season.


*Bôhten does not own the rights to any photos used. All photos were sourced from their respective mas band pages and all rights belong to them*

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