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Top Travel destinations Inspired by Bôhten frames

Our all acetate Duru Collection brought a fresh range of color to our lives. It encouraged us to play and think beyond what we knew, and embrace the colorful world around us. Much like that of travel. Experiences gained when you venture around the world are everlasting and tend to inspire and reinvigorate the mind. Therefore, we compiled a list of top travel destinations with stunning landscapes that will surely leave you feeling rejuvenated. All of these countries have been inspired by the colors and materials from some of our Bôhten frames.

Iceland & The Abana Olive

Iceland’s remarkable landscapes are sure to leave you breathless as you witness the true definition of lush nature in its purest form. From numerous waterfalls, ice glaciers, thermal pools, mountains, volcanoes and many other natural wonders, Iceland allows you to connect with the earth like none other. If you’re not sold yet, consider a trip to the North of Iceland where you will have spectacular views of the Northern Lights. The hues of greens and blues found in Iceland reminded us of the Abana Olive frames. Its olive green connected us to nature and immediately had us think of this wonderful country.



Colombia & Manyara Marmalade

Colombia is a diverse country where “each region offers a different rhythm” yet you’ll be sure to find the one you like. Whether it be through adventure, culture, food or the warmth of the people, it will leave a mark on you before you depart. Throughout many cities and towns in Colombia you will find so much life, color and joy in the architecture, dress, food and local traditions. This is why our Manyara Marmalade frames inspired us to pick it. Its bright but subtle hues, release a warm and welcoming embrace to anyone who sees it, much like Colombia. 



Jamaica & The Barklae 3 Ebony Sun Polarized

Fact: Jamaica's name comes from the Taino word “Xaymaca” which means “Land of Wood and Water”. This is a familial name used to describe the country amongst Jamaicans as well as other Caribbean islands. The name says it all. The country, while known for its music, culture and food, is abundant with waterfalls, green mountains and other striking landscapes that will leave you in awe. A small island that packs a punch, Jamaica will allow you to unwind within nature and embrace the natural resources it was blessed with. The frames that inspired us to choose this island are the Barklae 3 Ebony Sun Polarized. The ebony wood used to make these frames made us think back to Jamaica’s original name and the reason its first inhabitants named it so.


Barbuda & The Barklae 3 Rose Sun

Barbuda is one of the few hidden gems remaining in the Caribbean region. A small island that helps to make up the twin island state of Antigua & Barbuda, its natural resources are few and far between except for one - its beaches. Barbuda’s beaches are devastatingly gorgeous with waters so blue and clear you have to think twice if you’re really in the ocean and sand so white you must wear sunglasses for protection from the glare. However, at certain times of the year, some beaches in Barbuda are laden with pink sand. Yet another one of nature’s natural wonders. Our Barklae 3 Rose Sun frames with its pink acetate frame motivated us to choose this island and its pink sandy beaches. We imagine one day to see you with a pair on this beach.



Ghana & Achebe Ututu 10th anniversary edition 

It’s only right we pay homage to the land of our birth on the African continent, Ghana. A country that has an overwhelming abundance of gold, wood, oil, cocoa and so much more, you’re enthralled not only by the beauty of the landscape but the beauty of the people. Ghana’s tribal culture is rich in color and tradition and you will experience it from the moment you walk off the plane. Our 10th anniversary Achebe Ututu’s are made with Gold-tone stainless steel and Wenge wood. These materials had us recall our Ghanaian heritage, and excited us to add Ghana to the travel list. 


Do you see the connections? Are you thinking of visiting any of these places? Tag us on social media when you do and we hope you’ll bring a pair of Bôhten frames along with you. #Bohten #BohtenWeSeeYou

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kindly check write up on Ghana. the line “moment you walk off of the plane” should read " momentyou walk off the plane"
Otherwise great projections. Blessings

Yaw Osei

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