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Visions of Change: Conversations worth having with Amma Aboagye

Visions of Change is a series of conversations exploring themes of mission, community, and personal growth through the eyes of a diverse cast of black change agents. We've decided to use our platform to highlight these valuable discussions and shine a light on the change agents who are laying the ground work to help change for the future. 

Overall, this series is a part of Bôhten’s journey of creating more diverse and meaningful content that speaks to us, and to you, on a deeper level. We hope these conversations serve as a resource and catalyst for more meaningful change within our communities and worldwide. 

Our second feature is with self described “cultural innovator” @aaboagye. She takes a deeper dive into what it means to build black in communities and the importance of initiatives like that and many others.

Amma wears the Legend Amber frames.

Amma Aboagye is the founding curator of the Afropole. She has over 12 years experience in building and creating innovative spaces within various institutions such as NGOs, businesses and government organizations. Amma summarizes her life work as ‘value addition’ and is ardent in her beliefs of the power of people to drive change. Her initiative Afropole is described as “a brokerage that seeks to connect Africa and African diasporan businesses in the food, beauty and creative spaces.” It’s through programs such as Afropole, and other carious forms of media such as blogs and radio programming that Amma has sought to empower youth and Afrodiasporans in the role they play in global advancement. 

Curious to know more about Amma and Afropole? Check out the websites here AmmaAboagye and Afropole.

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