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Visions of Change - Conversations worth having with Cheraé Robinson

Visions of Change is a series of conversations exploring themes of mission, community, and personal growth through the eyes of a diverse cast of black change agents. We've decided to use our platform to highlight these valuable discussions and shine a light on the change agents who are laying the ground work to help change for the future. 

Overall, this series is a part of Bôhten’s journey of creating more diverse and meaningful content that speaks to us, and to you, on a deeper level. We hope these conversations serve as a resource and catalyst for more meaningful change within our communities and worldwide. 

We get things started with cultural entrepreneur @sasyrae, as she shares her perspective on fostering deeper connections and the role this plays in our larger communities. 

Cheraé wears the Exstel Crystal frames.

Cheraé Robinson is a creative tech entrepreneur and globalist who is focused on "building things that connect us, inspire conversation, and unlock joy and freedom in our lives." The brainchild behind "Tastemakers Africa", Cheraé is a multitalented woman who "is deeply committed to creating optionality, especially for Black People." We admire persons like Cheraé for the work they're doing in their communities and how they keep showing up as their authentic selves everyday. Find out more about Cheraé and the projects she's presently working on here.

All photos were sourced from Cheraé Robinson's Instagram and official website pages. Bôhten does not own the rights to these photos.

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