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Reclaiming Trees in Lake Volta

Volta Lake

The Volta Lake is one of the worlds largest artificial lakes and home to an abundant tropical rain-forest with various wood species like Ebony & Teak.The Akosombo Dam built in 1964 by the Nkrumah government, gave birth to the lake that serves as ground for fishermen, navigable shipping routes and supplying the country with electricity, with some to spare for neighboring countries like Togo & Benin .
Akosombo Dam
The Forest Cover in Ghana has been cut to a fraction of its size in the last 40 years due to activities such as overlogging and poaching. Adding pressure to not only the inhabitants of the country but the global climate crisis. A majority of the trees that are available for harvest in the lake are already dead, making them a viable alternative source of material.
submersed material in the Volta
These trees are reclaimed by the local timber men then exported to primarily either China or North America. 
Main level resources
With a vision to decrease and eliminate logging of the rain forest and streamline the novelty of underwater logging, we have been working with local members of the timber industry to develop a certification system for the reclaimed wood supply chain for 4 years now.
The harvesting of submarine timber can make up for millions of dollars worth of demand in the wood market. A certification system much like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) would aid in increasing the validity of supply chains in West Africa.
As we look towards our first production hub it becomes imperative to ensure there are opportunities for the local population that will subsequently enrich the global market of reclaimed material.

Farmers of reclaimed material

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