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Need some Positivity this Spring? Here are 8 Instagram pages you should start to pay attention

In many parts of the world, the seasons are changing. Nature is trading in its freezing temperatures and dreary skies for bright colorful flowers and rays of sunshine. The season of warmth, growth and new beginnings is upon us - Spring. As nature undergoes these major yet necessary changes, we can also use it as a perfect opportunity for some of us to do the same. A time for a fresh start and turn over a new leaf.

How can one do so, you may ask? First off, by starting with what you feed your mind.

Have you ever thought about the impact a bit of daily positivity can do for your spirit and growth? Well, we're here encourage you to follow these pages on instagram and tell us how they impact you (if any) over the next few months.

Here are 8 Positivity Instagram accounts we think you should weave into your daily routine - to help bring a bit of light and positivity into your life

1. We the Urban 

Pushing positivity, affirmations and motivation out daily, this black owned platform celebrates inclusivity, self-love, & marginalized voices. With carefully curated text, their "Not sure who needs to hear this" image carousel proves to be powerful and always seems to say just what you need to hear. Their IG bio states “Our posts have been proven to boost personal power by 1000% 🧡” Definitely one we think you should give a try.


2. Law of Attraction

This instagram page puts out positive content almost three times a day - as they seek to provide you with powerful messages of motivation, affirmation and alignment. There’s no wonder 3.5million people are following them for daily positivity to keep them going.

3. Skill of Manifestation

This page gives you quality manifestation and affirmation posts that always help to give you that extra boost you need. Each post is arranged by date to help keep you on track and laid on a calming background. Their account page goes by this quote “If you dream it & believe it, it will happen”. And if that ain’t a powerful way to start your day, we don’t know what is.

4. Mentality_Facts

This page is for those who may prefer video as it's filled with short clips of passionate speeches or quotes by well known people that encourage you to fight for your dream. Their bio describes themselves  as “The hard working, ambitious, never quit culture 💪 aka the 1% 😤” 

And we would definitely agree. You can find out more about them on their website -

5. Art daily dose

Art daily dose is a page that would brighten anyone’s day as it shares different creatives and their work condensed in what feels like 1 minute videos or less. Now, it doesn’t necessarily have ‘motivational quotes’ or ‘affirmations’, but it’s a great space that sparks a level of creativity and ingenuity in us all and allows us to marvel at the talents of the world.

6. Alex_Elle

An influencer but also poet and teacher, this black woman gives constant gentle reminders for you to embrace and love yourself. Her carefully curated page seems to bring you immediate peace as you find comfort but also encouragement and inspiration in her words. She is a woman and page worth following for sure.

7. Rob Dial

Known on instagram as “The mindset mentor”, Rob Dial is a motivational speaker, who shares his truth and messaging in a way that makes you want to get up and do, but also gives you a chuckle in the end. With an array of photos, texts and videos, Rob gets you to ‘dial’ right in to your inner self and start doing what you’ve always wanted to do. 

8. Jay Shetty

It may or may not surprise you to know that Jay Shetty is an Author, Purpose Coach and Former Monk (according to his Instagram bio). One of the more popular motivational speakers, his content has definitely been seen and shared around the globe. However, there’s a reason for it -and that’s because its good. Take some time to check it out.


We hope this list helps to bring you more positivity, love and light into your life, this Spring and moving forward always.


All photos have been taken from the respective instagram accounts. Bôhten does not own any rights to these images.

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