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Wearing Your Prescription With a Mask Without Fogging Them Up



If the past year’s events are anything to go by, we live in an unprecedented time in modern history. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to make lifestyle changes, large and small. And we encourage you to take every precaution. Among these precautions is wearing a mask.

As you might have noticed, wearing a mask with eyeglasses presents some problems. Here are some tips to help make it easier to wear your mask and eyeglasses together.

1.      Adjust the placement of frames

Layer the materials correctly to prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up. Pull up your mask on your nose a little higher than you usually do, then wear your frames. Wearing your eyeglasses this way minimizes warm airflow to your lenses as your frames serve as a barrier.


2.      Clean and prep your eyeglasses

Clean your eyeglasses with slightly soapy water. Be gentle. Use basic dish soap and avoid soap with added moisturizers and lotions. Dip your eyeglasses in the water, then shake off the soapy water. Air-dry the glasses and pat away any excess water. This process creates a thin protective film that prevents your glasses from fogging. Check with your optometrist before using this technique.

3.      Use anti-fog sprays

You can clean and prep your eyeglasses with anti-fog products such as Alibeiss Anti-Fog Lens Wipes and Optix 55 Anti-Fog Spray. Some of these products might be quite pricey because they’re currently in high demand. The effectiveness of anti-fog varies because they may react differently with certain coatings on prescription eyeglasses. So, research these products well. Again, check with your optometrist before you spray any additional coating on your prescription Bôhten eyeglasses.

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