Our Story

It is on the mountainous region of Kwahu, highest habitable place in Ghana that Bôhten began its journey. Nana Boateng Osei, Founder of Bôhten, had the initiative to use reclaimed material to manufacture an eco-luxury eyewear line. He draws inspiration from his Ghanaian roots, from his love of nature but mostly from his late grandfather Andrew Hanson Osei, who was Ghana’s first land surveyor in the 60s.

Why Bôhten?

The launch of our factory in Canada gave us the hands-on experience and expertise we needed to develop our own production blueprint.  We are now poised to become the global leader in eyewear manufacturing in Africa, with key benefits including new avenues of innovation, use of locally accessible materials and custom fit glasses. Our move to Ghana means applying knowledge into a largely un-tapped market.

Our Vision

Bôhten’s mission is to establish an eyewear manufacturing supply chain on the African Continent. Through this we inspire to change the face of Africa with a vision that advocates education, sustainable employment, social responsibility and environmental awareness in fashion globally.