Bôhten Made

Bôhten produces lightweight handmade frames sourced from sustainable material in Africa carefully designed to give you maximum comfort and fit.


After our first appearance on Dragon's Den in 2013 we opened & partnered with local design & productions hub to push the boundary with innovation and manufacturing with the goal of outsourcing majority of product development operations to Ghana, West Africa. 

Our mission is to improve our supply chain and eye-care in Ghana. Our ultimate mission is to develop a sustainable blueprint for manufacturing on the African Continent incorporating the the use of renewable energy. 


We know first hand how creativity and vision are hard to nurture. But at the new Bohten hub we are completing in Accra, we are develop a space where they can both be honed internally and through partnerships.

Our of in-house designers, Barnabas Nomo, a budding inventor and programmer who has made a name for himself in the Robotics & Open hardware space in Ghana. We had the pleasure of having him at the hub this past weekend., to check out our 3D printer and catch up on new projects we have had in mind for sometime. He had a new camera on hand and developed a 360 view of the space from his perspective. Take a look:

With our 3-in-1 model production machine (3D printer, CNC, laser engraver)  we look forward to engaging local creators to find synergies and help ideas come to life.Some of the 3D prints we made with Barnabas.

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