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Eyewear Tips for Your Zoom Calls

If you want to look your best on zoom calls, your face should be your primary focus because that’s the number one thing people see. One way to stay on top of your look is by wearing the right eyewear.

The best eyewear for zoom calls features a style that fits the occasion. And style is all about your frames. Go with frames that match your face. And by that we mean the shape of your face. Choose frames that accentuate your best features and complement your facial proportions.

If you’re in zoom calls with your boss, colleagues, or clients, it’s best to go with a more conservative style. Otherwise, if it’s with friends or family, you go with more expressive options. Besides your face shape, you also need to match your frames with your outfit.

It’s not all about style, though. If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen in zoom meetings, eyecare experts recommend investing in a pair of eyeglasses that has a bluelight filter. These glasses feature lenses with a coating that protects your eyes from the continuous exposure to the artificial light your screen emits. Overexposure to this light is known to cause health issues.

Bôhten offers a variety of eyewear to match different face shapes and outfits. We also have a large selection of bluelight filter glasses that look stylish and keep your eyes safe from the harmful effects of bluelight. The eyewear is made from lightweight, sustainable materials for maximum comfort.

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