TIFF 2014 - Our Experience

King St. West in Toronto,ON was the place to be this past September! Despite all the other activities going on in town, the Toronto Film Festival was the ultimate international buzz. From movie premieres, to street performances, to private after-parties, to celebrity sightings, the streets were filled with movie fans from around the globe!

From the week of September 4th leading up to the 14th, onlookers rallied up day and night to spot their favorite celebrities. This year's A-list celebrities gracing the rec carpets included Robert Downey Jr, Nicolas Cage, Denzel Washington, Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon and many more. 

We attended a private celebrity event by B.A.D. PR during the first week of TIFF and it was an absolute success and a great atmosphere! We got a one-on-one chat with various celebrities and they all gushed at our extensive line of eco-fashion frames! 

"Woah man! These sunglasses are crazy! I'd like a pair of those ZebraWood frames." That's the reaction we got from Allen Maldonado(seen in the photo below), who starred in the recently premiered A-list movie "The Equalizer", featuring Denzel Washington. 

Then there was Alysia Reiner from "Orange Is The New Black"...

And so many more who not only loved the frames, but took a sharp interest in our story and origins.





We had a blast and a big Thank YOU goes out to Sarah Reid Photography for capturing the beautiful shots! We look forward to another amazing TIFF experience next year!



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