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Africa Cup Of Nations 2022: A note to the Fans

The CAF Africa cup of Nations is the largest international men’s football competition on the African continent. Hosted every two years, one can imagine the power, energy, influence and excitement that takes over the 54 participating countries each time the tournament approaches and the players take the field. Starting from January 9th 2022, there have been a slew of games hosted in Cameroon, where the nations battle against each other on the field with the hopes of claiming the title for their people and their country. The excitement each African nation has for the games is unmatched - as bars, homes, restaurants and the like are all taken over with the games displayed on their TVs for just over a month. 
Events like these of course shine light on the continent's talent. But, it also highlights those who, we here at Bôhten consider the main stars of the show - you.

You, the fans who fill the stadiums each and every single time or watch on a television no matter where you are in the world.

You who make sure you're dressed from head to toe in your colors to defend your team, as if it were a child of your own.

You who represent your country with pride and bring the energy to the game that wouldn't be the same without it.

The rich and diverse culture of Africa is on display each time a game is played, and it's your faces that bring it to light.
So a huge shout out to you the fans, for supporting your player, your team, your country, your region and your continent. You all help to make the games what they are. A beautiful display of talent and culture on the world stage. We See You.

All photos provided by TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations Facebook Page

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