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Black Star Inspiration: Spike Lee and five facts you may not know about him

Bohten's lineage can be traced back to a long and storied history of black cultural innovators. Each month, we celebrate the style inspiration of icons who flawlessly express their flair through lenses.

This month’s Black Star Inspiration is a heavy hitter in the Hollywood industry and his artistic work spans over 4 decades. He is an award winning director, producer, actor, mentor, fashion icon, writer and professor and he goes by the name of Spike Lee.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia as Shelton Jackson Lee on March 20th 1957, he is the oldest of four siblings and moved to Brooklyn New York with his parents at a young age. He received his first degree in Mass communications from Moorehouse college and got his MFA from NYU’s film school Tisch School of Arts. Lee’s first major film ‘She’s gotta have it’ laid the foundation for his filmmaking studio and as it would seem, the rest is history.

These, along with the fact that he always wears bold, stylish frames, however may be things you would know about Spike Lee. But, we’d like to share a few fun facts that don’t get as much spotlight as the rest.

1. Spike Lee’s thesis film “Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barber Shop: We Cut Hair” won a Student Academy Award. A 45 minute film that he produced as a part of his masters degree put him on the map from the start.

2. He’s co-authored two children’s books, with his wife Tonya Lewis Lee. They’re called Please, Baby, Please and Please, Puppy, Please and are both available on Amazon.

Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee (wife)

3. His first major film “She’s gotta Have it” was an Independent film - directed, written, produced, and acted in by him. No big movie studio, no gigantic budget, no huge marketing firm support. The film did exceptionally well and laid the foundation for his filmmaking today.

4. Spike Lee, New Era and New York Yankees.
In a panel discussion with Spike Lee himself and New Era CEO Chris Koch, the CEO shared the story of how Spike Lee wanted a New York Yankees hat to match his jersey in time for the world series. After making a few calls, he got it done and it’s now
played a huge role in the company’s business in creating stylistic hats in different colors.

5. He doesn’t only direct films, but also music videos. And for a wide selection of artists. Here are a few lucky artists that have had Lee direct and add his artistic flare on their videos.

Michael Jackson

Chaka Khan


Public Enemy Number one

Audra Day

His style from the very beginning always intertwined African American culture, sport and his own flare. And one thing he always has, is a funky pair of frames. Which Bôhten frames do you think would suit him best? We vote for the Manyara Ebony from the new Duru Family. What do you think?


Do you think this would fit Spike Lee?

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