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Halloween Costume Ideas inspired by Bohten Frames


Halloween is becoming more and more popular in countries all over the world. It’s a great excuse to ‘dress up’ and express your creativity through costumes and is open to all ages. The day is less than a week away but we're sure some of you who participate may need some help with some costume ideas. Well, we're here to give you some inspiration.

Here are 6 Halloween costume ideas inspired by our Bôhten Frames.

Manyara frames are giving a Velma vibe

Our Manyara Marmalade or Mahogany frames give great inspiration for a Velma costume, as the colors match her orange ensemble that is a staple feature in the character on the well known show Scooby Doo. However, our Manyara Ebony optical frames are perfect for an accurate Velma look. Either way, you’ll look very smart in either one of these options which is authentically Velma.

Our Abana Blue match the look of the Corpse Bride

The Abana Blue hails from our newest acetate collection. The blue color-wayis definitely an inspiration for the costume of the main character in Tim Burton’s movie, Corpse Bride. While the character has many shades of blue in her ‘look’, when she comes to life with your creativity and ideas, we encourage you to use our Abana Blue frames as the foundation.


The Bond Collection is Tony Stark 

The smooth and classy look given by our Bond Collection frames inspired the costume idea for Tony Stark - the character behind Iron Man in the Marvel movie series. An intelligent, well dressed, smooth talker who is one of the main brains behind many ‘Avenger’ operations, Tony Stark and The Bond frames go perfectly together if you’re considering an easy yet well known look this Halloween.

Abana Olive from our acetate collection is Hulk/David Banner

Now we know in this character’s normal form he doesn’t wear green, but we couldn’t help but link our Abana Olive to David Banner’s character when he transforms into The Hulk. The immensely strong, green Avenger in the Marvel series resembles our Abana Olive frames with their durable build and striking color. 


Jade Yellow inspired a cute DIY Pineapple

Our simple yet eye catching frames called the Jade Lemons makes us think of the Pineapple DIY costume. While you can recreate this look with simple things found at home, you’ll always stand out and be recognizable by this favorite fruit loved by many. The yellow color adds a nice pop of color yet you don’t have to go out of your way to stand out - much like our Jade Lemon frames.


Black Panther and our Limited Edition Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Capsule Collection

Bohten Marvel Studios Wakanda Forever

If you haven’t heard the HUGE news already, Bôhten has collaborated with Marvel Studios to produce a capsule collection of frames for the release of Marvel’s newest film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. These frames are directly inspired by the film, and in turn are an inspiration to this costume idea - Black Panther. You can sign up here for a chance to win a pair of the limited edition frames, but take this as a sign to use this Halloween as an opportunity to don that Black Panther look.

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