Hump Day Vibes Playlist ft Caleb O

October's Hump Day Vibes is brought to you by our very own in-house videographer Caleb Edem Otchi. Here's what he says you must prepare for to get into the listening vibes: "This playlist is characterized by the popular Amapiano sound and rhythm. The song selection especially reminds me of a good night out with friends and has the most immaculate vibes. Like a night out, this playlist starts slow and calm and steadily increases tempo as it draws out your energy to the max."

About the curator:

Caleb Otchi is a photographer, novice filmmaker and videographer. He currently assists the Bohten team to create video content. He loves to capture automotives, scenery, portraits and basically anything he finds beautiful or feels has some story waiting to be told. When he's not creating content/art or getting slapped with assignments (yes, he's a student as well), he likes to chill out and listen to music -preferably UK rap and Amapiano vibes - or watch anime. 

Other tracks:

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