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Live from the Hub: Terry Kojo Oppong - Bôhten's Strategic Partnership Advisor

 Live from the Hub is a monthly feature highlighting one of Bôhten’s leading team members. Learn more about Bôhten and our process here – and be sure to check back often to learn more about our fun staff, our creative process and what’s in store for us!

Meet Terry Kojo Oppong

Terry Kojo Oppong is a creative curator and producer who believes in connecting people, places, and possibilities. Business is all about relationships, and he makes it a point to weave human interaction to build lasting relationships that lead to impact and revenue results. Terry has Garnered over five years of experience in partnerships, curation, and working with global brands such as Creative Artists Agency (CAA), The Washington Post, Airbnb, Twitter, DIOR, Condé Nast (VOGUE), Ghana Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture, TED, CNN, InventTV, and many more.

One of his notable accolades was having the #1 and #3 most shared editorial on the prestigious when he first stumbled into media and content. Terry has produced a docufilm in partnership with a NY Times Best Selling Author, InventTV in LA, is sponsored by Airbnb, and re-launched TEDxAccra as the organizer. He has also connected amazing designers based in Africa with enterprises such as The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs), GroupM, REVOLT, Xometry, Twitter, McKinsey, and more. 

Terry is our Strategic Partnership Advisor here at Bôhten and shares a bit more insight on his role.

1) What's a typical day like for you at Bôhten?

A typical day for me is thinking about ways Bôhten can expand in the USA via strategic partnerships. I spend time reaching out to potential partners as it makes sense. For example, I was able to come up with the concept for us doing an event/activation with Nordstrom NYC last year.

2) What makes working at Bôhten different from other places you've worked?

Since we are in growth mode, I am challenged with finding unique ways for that to happen. How do we scale effectively and still maintain the brand’s loyalty and trust among our customers. Being in a space dominated by one major player, we have to think differently about everything.

3) What is the most challenging part of your role at Bôhten?

The most challenging aspect of my role at Bôhten is the fact that we have so much potential, yet we need to focus on specific tactics in order to grow our business.

4) What cool projects are you working on next?

Currently, we are working on a major marketing collaboration with Disney. Super exciting times so stay tuned!

5) What are your favorite pair of Bôhten frames and why?

My favorite pair of Bohten’s are the Aristotle. Those things are FIRE!! Every time I wear them, I get at least two compliments if not more, haha. I can’t wait for the new collection in the fall!

Thank you Terry for sharing a bit more insight into what it's like working for Bôhten.

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