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We See You: Bôhten

Everyone has a story to tell.⁠
Everyone has an impact to make.⁠
And everyone should feel seen.⁠

Over the last couple of months, we have been working on a project here in Accra, Ghana. 

It’s called “We See You” 

The series is quite close to our hearts because it’s a manifestation of our goal to respect, acknowledge, honor and grow with the people in our community. It’s our way of helping to amplify your voices and your stories. Ones that we feel are absolutely worth telling.

We found 6 individuals in the Bôhten community who were willing to share a bit of their stories with us. This is just the teaser, but be sure to look out for more to come.


Videographer & Editor: @Calebotchi⁠

Creative Producer: @okutetteh⁠

Assistant Producer: @global_gyal⁠

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