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Which Types of Games Should You Use Bluelight Filter Lenses For?

Bluelight filter lenses are all the rage at the moment, and you might need them more than you even realize. The blue filters work to cut out the blue light of your displays, so the hours that turn into days and months of streaming and gaming are less damaging to your eyes. Our blog piece goes into further detail about the positive effects of this impressive gear, as well as what blue light really is.

Visible blue light is emitted by smart phones, screens and consoles. WebMD explains how it gives you risk of macular degeneration. While Harvard Health also writes of the light’s dark side. It is next to UV light on the electromagnetic spectrum, and some scientists believe it can delay the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. This is why many digital devices with screens often have a ‘warm’ option for evenings, to curb the sleep-depriving effects of the blue light. Some people even suggest not using your devices within three hours of going to sleep.

For many, however, this is not always practical or possible (or at least, desirable). That’s where bluelight filter lenses come in, and we'll take you through some of the games whose players will most benefit from these snazzy glasses. Of course, screens for all games emit blue light, so we’ll be looking at those that keep our eyes bouncing around and stuck to the screen for hours at a time. For instance, if you’re playing a slow-paced, turn-based game like online chess or scrabble you won’t necessarily be as engaged with your screen as if you’re playing a Call Of Duty multiplayer session.

Popular shooting games, such as Doom Eternal, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone, are a lot of fun, but can have you searching the height and width of the screen for hours on end, in search of zombies, monsters and military enemies among other bad guys. Topped with the adrenaline from the rush of the game, it’d be a good idea to get those glasses on.


The issue with MMORPGs is that you really do lose yourself in the gameplay for days on end. And if you’re totally immersed in a world not your own, then how do you expect to return to bed at the end of the day and just nod off to sleep? You’ll have all that bluelight swimming around your eyelids, as you try to drift off.

Poker and Casino Arcade Games

It may seem slow and stable, but you can never blink in poker. Of course, that might be an expression that refers to the poker face you have to keep while playing in real life, but when the stakes are high, you’ll find yourself moving closer to the screen and losing yourself in the game for hours. And casino games are pretty expansive these days, with all that spinning and rolling. The selection on Gala Spins provides the best sense of how expansive the modern casino arcade category is when you look beyond traditional card games. The platform offers fun themed slot machines and live game shows such as Money Drop Live and Dream Catcher that are full of vibrant colors that make the games more aesthetically pleasing to online gamers. And if you play them just before bedtime, you better believe you will be seeing that bluelight until you eventually drift off to sleep.

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